Dream Stream DDH Hazy IPA

Its been a while since we brewed something hazy and I gotta say it feels (and tastes) good! Last year got a bit crazy with the haze... It's not that we don't love Hazy IPA but it did get to a point where 60+% of the beers we had on tap and in our takeaway fridge were hazy IPAs. And, at least at White Bay, there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

For this particular beer we focused on using some of our favourite hops; Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Riwaka. This beer was also fermented with a pretty cool yeast that traces its origin back to the UK somewhere. This particular yeast interacts with hops in a special way and unlocks flavour pathways that most other brewing yeasts aren't capable of. In layman's terms this yeast makes very tasty IPA. 
What you can expect when drinking this beer is a dry, energetic brew. There is an underlying structure and mouthfeel; thanks largely to a protein rich malt bill comprise of flaked wheat and oats but, only enough to strike a balance with the very large amount of hops we put into this beer. This beer, for us, sings to the balance of hops, yeast and malt. I could go on and on with descriptions and flavours you should be tasting but I hope you're finding it to be a nice, refreshing (considering the ABV), tropical drop.

Thanks for reading friend!