In the news with Beer & Brewer

In the news with Beer & Brewer

White Bay Beer Co. is brewing its first batch of beer at its new brewing in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle.

The canning line was unloaded on 17 March and the brewery intends to sell its beers in 355ml cans, as well as in kegs. There are currently three batches of beer in tank and the brewery has an annual capacity of half a million litres.

Given they’ve opened in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the founders have set up an e-commerce platform and are holding off brewing any more beer at present.

“We’re at a simple message of beer in tanks, we’ll pack that in a few weeks and see if it sells in the local market (we’re setting up an e-commerce platform like many others for direct), but will putting a hold on brewing more until we have that beer in market,” co-founder Tim Fishwick tells Beer & Brewer.

“We are positive we can get through this, tighten our collective belts & come out the other side with a strong brand, efficient brewery and hospitality offering.”

The founders took the lease over on an abandoned warehouse on 1 October.

The first two beers off the rank will be a European lager and a 4.5% pale ale. The pale ale uses all southern hemisphere ingredients and is described as “very hazy, fruity and refreshing”.

“When we sat down, the most important part was who we are and who we want to be,” continues Fishwick. “We looked at our local market. As anyone will tell you, you have to have success in your backyard if you’re going to go any further.

“We needed to know that the locals are going to love what we’re putting together. There was some clear feedack from the hoteliers locally that are willing to support us. Lager is still a very strong part of the culture in this area.

“We know we’ve got a cracking brewer who’s going to brew us cracking beers, but we know that it has to right for the local market to get involved. We’ll take them on a flavour journey after that.”


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