Pivotal Moment IIPA

This has been a dream beer of ours since well before White Bay was even founded. Pirate Life has always held a very special place in our hearts. Way back in the day, when I was still brewing at Modus Operandi, there were whispers of this brewery in Adelaide doing great things. At the time we chalked the rumours up to just that, rumours. It wasn't until Jack, Red and MC paid us a visit and we proceeded to get very drunk on their beers that we realised these guys were the real deal.
Fast forward to late December 2015, Jack and MC had teed up a tap takeover for Modus at Adelaide's world renowned, Gilbert Street Hotel. It was on that night that DJ, Grant and myself got very very drunk with the Pirate Life crew and that night I also met the coolest, most switched on brewer I'd ever met, a sweet lil lass name Jessica. 
I wont bore you with the details of the times in between but, suffice to say, I eventually convinced Jess to quit Pirate Life and move to Sydney with me. Fast forward a few more years, pepper in a few international trips together and becoming the proud parents of a cat, and Jess and I now oversee the brewing here at White Bay.

That night at the Gilbert Street hotel was a pivotal moment in Jess and my life, the catalyst to what's currently been almost 7 years of her and I being together. Beyond our own selfish reasons for naming this beer; Pirate Life has forever influenced the beer scene in Australia. Never before them had a brand come out of nowhere and captivated any drinker whose lips got around one of their cans. Imagine its 2015 and here's a brewery coming out of the gates with an 8.8% double IPA served in 500ml cans! And its in their core range! Pirate Life always was and always will be a visionary brand. It's the brewers that make the brewery, regardless of whose name is on the lease. There are few breweries I know who brew better, more consistent beer and have better brewer retention than Pirate Life. 

We brewed the beer with Lewis, Head Brewer at PL Port Adelaide. Lewis was working at Pirate Life at the same time as Jess and is a visionary. I've yet to meet or work with another brewer who has more passion and love for his craft. Lewis, Jess and I put our heads together to make a beer which we feels encapsulates the strengths of both of our breweries. Lewis' meticulous attention to water chemistry and mash resting and our love for hopping the living shit out of everything.

If you're into beer odds are you've probably had a pivotal moment with a Pirate Life beer yourself. Brewing this beer was certainly a pivotal moment in White Bay's history and hopefully grows into a few more Pivotal Moments with our near and dear friends from Adelaide.