Stack Up IPA

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Stack Up is a continuation in our ever evolving IPA program. We threw a crushing amount of Mosaic and Mosaic Incognito into the whirlpool followed by several rounds of dry hop bombardments of Vic Secret, Calypso, Cashmere Cryo and Citra. All of our favourite C-hops and our favourite V -hop… Expect wavvvvves of pineapple, mango and ripe rock melon! Yumby! This label features a cracking photo of some dope Banksia flowers taken by Big Jas!

6.7% ABV

Our IPA Series

This series has a twofold creative agenda. To kick out bodacious, ultra fresh, ever changing beer whilst the can image visually represents the liquid inside. A new IPA will be released when its predecessor is gone. This ensures there is always fresh IPA on offer. This series is a deviation from our other core-range beers in that it is a bit freer flowing and allows us to emphasise specifics. There isn’t a casted mould with this series, its sole purpose is to grow and expand within its own existence. Its focus is less about pantones and production costs and more about pushing boundaries, expressing what we were feeling at that time, what ingredients were available or what was happening in the world at that time.  




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