Our Story...

In late 2019 a few friends set out to transform a dilapidated steel works on Rozelle’s waterfront into a brewery. On that day White Bay Beer Company was founded. Over the course of six months the steelworks underwent a major transformation. Electrics and plumbing were updated and upgraded. New floors were poured. A boiler found a new home. Walls that hadn’t seen new paint in decades received a loving scrub and a fresh coat. Where there was once dust and racking now stands a brewhouse and fermenters. Where trucks were once undoubtedly loaded with massive, freshly formed steel beams now sits a canning line. 

 White Bay beer is living, breathing tangible liquid works of expression, passion and individualism. We challenge ourselves daily to brew the best beer we possibly can not because it comes easy to us, but because it is hard. Because setting out to brew the best beer is a goal that will serve and organise us to the best of our abilities and skills. Because we're prepared to find and cultivate a little corner in the world of beer to hang our hats on and to call our own. Because how good is beer!? 

Proud to be Independent